Merchandise relating to the Kimlin Cider Mill and Cider Mill Friends is available through CafePress and also through our own stock.


Many items are available for through our CafePress store.  If there is an item you would like customized with the CMF logo that is not listed in the store, please let us know.



Please contact us to receive non-CafePress items and to also learn what other merchandise is available to support Cider Mill Friends.


“Keep Calm and Press On” t-shirts in red are available.  $15, plus shipping and handling if not local.  Available in S-XL.

Tan colored t-shirts with the Cider Mill Friends logo in “barn red” are available.


Packages of four notecards (two summer and two winter) are available.

Watercolor images by Ivars Sprogis

5oz Tasting Glasses

5 ounce tasting glasses with the Cider Mill Friends logo are available.

Tasting Glass

Tasting Glass