Memories of the Kimlin Cider Mill

Do you have memories of the Kimlin Cider Mill that you would like to share with us?  Please use this form to share your stories and photographs with us.  Anything you share will either be kept confidential or will credit you, whichever option you prefer.

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2 thoughts on “Memories of the Kimlin Cider Mill

  1. Julie Mihaly, Vassar Class of 1975

    Ah, the cider mill. Impossible to forget the echoey darkness of its interior, the sweet smell of cider & old, old wood that laced its air, the dancing Siamese calves & the set of samurai armor. I loved going there. So happy to learn that it’s being restored.

  2. Jose

    I miss real apple cider and donuts!! It’s just not the same here. I have so much love for these iegmas. The light, the moments and processing just take me there. I can almost smell the crisp air. ❤



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